Why Exhibit?

Sector’s Gate to Eurasia Region

Cleaning sector in Turkey has been growing rapidly, which is estimated to be around 10 Billion Euro, and after the current situation that the world is facing it will continue to do so. As in many sector, Turkey keeps its critical position in Professional Cleaning Industry, as a meeting point of Asia and Europe!

Reach Your Target at the Right Place

Clean Eurasia is the right address to meet sector professionals from Eurasia Region as well as Turkey to follow latest developments and innovations in the sector. The sector employs more than 1.5 million personnel and with its subdivisions it covers many areas, that’s why do not miss this opportunity to meet new companies, share experiences, find new customers and service providers.

Istanbul’s Easy Reach Location and Strategic Importance

Istanbul has strategic importance as the meeting point of Europe and Middle East with its wide flight connections and visa free entrance from many countries. Visitors from Middle East, Africa, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Uzbekistan, Russia and Balkan Countries can reach Istanbul without a problem.